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Getting Started

How to get started

First of all play:

There are some great online demos which let you simply play with the ideas without getting into the details

Why is this important?

Engaging your imagination and curiosity is one of the greatest tools you have to help you succeed.

Find your style of learning

There are many courses out there and your style of learning maybe more or less suited to the different approaches they use.

We primarily recommend because of their practice hands on approach. If you are a profession who already has domain expertise in some other field and just want to add on new tools, this can be a great way to go and avoids getting bogged down in deep academic analysis of specific algorithmic implementation.

Ultimately you will be learning about a very cross disciplinary field and you will end up looking at the intersection of your own field with data analytical methods, programming and mathematics.

In this light it is well worth taking some priming courses

Linear algebra


Python is the favored programming language for most of the AI world currently.

Some good introductions to neural networks are available

Three blue one brown

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