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   WHO ARE WE   

Are you interested in deep learning and machine learning? Do you prefer to understand by programming?

We are a group of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, students and curious individuals studying machine learning. No experience in maths required, but you must be willing to program your way through the course and be interested in learning!

We run event and beginner / advanced sessions every Thursday in Perth, Western Australia, check the meetup/events button above for details of ongoing events.



Perth Machine Learning Group is based on the value's of diversity, inclusion, integrity, and trust 


If a comment, behavior or action is not appropriate in a normal professional work environment then it is not appropriate in PMLG

Diversity and Inclusion

PMLG is a space where anyone can feel welcome to share and learn. PMLG is a safe place for people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, religions and gender (binary and non binary).

  • Treat people with professionalism, we are not a dating group.

  • Value the uniqueness and diversity of other participants

  • Ensure that all voices are heard, recognising that some people feel uncomfortable speaking in a group. 

  • Value other peoples questions, ideas and points of view

  • Behave appropriately and with consideration for others

  • Make everyone feel welcome


Integrity, and trust 


We love sharing Ideas  - PMLG members work with leading edge concepts and problems. All discussions are there to be shared and built upon. If for some reason you wish to discuss a proprietary implementation or share restricted data, you must clearly indicate the limitations before sharing. We expect everyone in the group to honor the limitations, or indicate when that isn't possible.

  • RESPECT - to get it you must give it

  • Trust, respect and support each other

  • Maintain an ethical standard in your dealings with others

  • Make your thinking clear

  • Consider the social and ethical implications of how you use machine learning. 

For any questions you may have, you can reach us here:, or by filling this form:


Thanks! Message sent.


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